Welcome to Fort Vancouver Little League
Fort Vancouver Little League, Vancouver, Washington USA

FVLL League Rules

FVLL Constitution

  1. Fort Vancouver L.L. will follow the rules & regulations set forth by Little League Baseball, Inc.
  2. The Board of Directors shall consist of up to 20 members elected by the General Membership at the annual meeting which takes place in June of each year. The Board will then elect its officers prior to October 1.
  3. Fort Vancouver L.L. is a corporation. Members are defined in our constitution & everyone is welcome to be a member. All members may vote at the general meeting in June.
  4. The Board of Directors will meet at least once a month. Meetings are open to everyone unless otherwise announced.
  5. Managers, coaches, & umpires are subject to censure by the Board of Directors for misconduct or for failing to carry out their team and/or league responsibilities.
  6. A second ejection of a manager or coach, from a game during the same season, will require a special board meeting. At this meeting the coach or manager who was ejected will be asked to join the meeting & explain the circumstances. The coach or manager is not allowed back in the coaching or managing position until the board meeting takes place & a decision is made by the board of directors.
  7. Any player being disciplined or absent must be reported to the opposing manager & official scorekeeper prior to the start of a game.
  8. Any manager, umpire, coach or player throwing equipment with malice will be suspended from play for the remainder of the game.
  9. No practice will take place during the school year, on school grounds, before 4PM except for weekends & when school is not in session.
  10. No practice during scheduled work parties (exceptions can be granted by the league President)
  11. Team practices take place on only contracted spaces. This is required for insurance liability reasons.
  12. After every game the FVLL team is responsible for picking up the trash from dugouts, field area, around the field & grandstand areas. Empty garbage cans, when they are filled, into the large dumpster. Keeping field & facility clean is everyone’s responsibility.
  13. There will be a board member on duty assigned for every game day at the ball field. These assignments will be made at the beginning of the season.
  14. The board member on duty, in conjunction with the umpire, can stop a game or cancel a game if they feel the playing conditions are not safe.
  15. 911 will be called by the board member on duty if someone who is asked to leave the facility will not leave.
  16. There will be two tryouts for ages 7-12 year olds. the tryouts will take place on the first 2 Saturdays in February with a makeup date on the 3 rd Saturday in February.
  17. Tryouts for 13-16 year olds and all softball teams will occur on the 3 rd Saturday in February.
  18. The Major Draft will follow the 3 rd tryout date as soon as possible with the 7-10 Minor draft to follow.
  19. Intermediate, Junior & Senior drafts and Softball drafts will take place after the 3 rd Saturday in February.
  20. All players need to attend only one tryout.
  21. Players will never be told the position in which they were drafted.
  22. The drafts will follow Little League Rules. We will use the Alternate Plan B where every eligible player is put in the draft and the draft is not over until all players returning from last year are drafted. This is for Major boys and above. Also, teams will pick a number to determine the order of the draft. In the 7-10 yr. old league, numbers are drawn to determine the order of draft. Example, Team #1 first, team #2 second, team #3 third, team #4 fourth, then team #4 fifth, #3 Sixth and so on until all eligible children are drafted. 1,2,3,4 then 4,3,2,1 then 1,2,3,4 is how this will work.
  23. If an official scorekeeper is not available then the home team scorekeeper will be the official scorekeeper.
  24. Players not getting their minimum playing time in a game that is shortened for any reason will start the next game. In the next game, this player is only required to play the minimum time by little league rules. The players do not get to make up lost time.
  25. National and American League ½ inning consists of 3 outs or 5 runs, whichever comes 1st.
  26. The interleague rules that we play by with other leagues apply to all games, even when 2 FVLL teams are playing each other. YOU MUST CARRY A COPY OF THESE RULES WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES.
  27. All managers, coaches, board members, umpires and any adult spending time with the children of this league must complete an application to the league & have a background check.
  28. All teams will be responsible to work in the concession stand up to 5 times during the season. A schedule will be given to the manager with his game schedule. If you team’s scheduled volunteer does not show up for their scheduled work time in the concession stand then the manager is responsible to fill the position.
  29. When more than 2 games are scheduled on a field, no new inning will start after 2 ¼ hours for minors & below. This rule does not apply unless a game is official according to Little League rules when that new inning starts.
  30. Reschedule all games by calling the President of the league who will consider the master game schedule to avoid conflicts.
  31. The first team to arrive for a game at the field will start the field preparations. All FVLL teams arriving for games will help to get the fields ready for play. This is everyone’s responsibility. When you arrive get the field ready.
  32. ALL STARS: they are selected as follows. Major level players vote for 8 players, which are not on their own team, with the top 6 being put on an all-star team, with the remainder of the players being selected by the managers. 10/11 & 9/10 all stars will be selected by the managers. If any of the top 6 voted by the minor league player is 11 years old, than that player will be put on the 10/11 year old all-star team before the managers select the other players on that team. Intermediate, Junior, Senior boys team and all Softball teams will be selected by the managers & coaches.
  33. All-star managers will be selected by the President after consultation with board members and other managers and coaches in the league. The President will then ask the board for approval of these managers. The managers will select their coaches after consultation with the President & the board must approve the coaches.
  34. All players that sign up to play for FVLL will be assigned to a team. NO ONE will be put into a player pool unless absolutely necessary.
  35. Maximum number of players on each team will be: Big League 17. All others divisions 15 and t-ball 10.