Welcome to Fort Vancouver Little League
Fort Vancouver Little League, Vancouver, Washington USA


FVLL - Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the FVLL Ball fields?

Fort Vancouver Little League Ball Fields are on Mill Plain Blvd, south side of the street, across from Hudson's Bay High School. Click here for a Map.

How can I help?

FVLL is ALWAYS looking for help! Please call Dave Wallis at 696-2994 evenings.


Can I sign up on-line?

Yes. The on-line signup is available by clicking here.

Do I have to sign up on-line?

No. You may sign-up in person or, if you wish, at any tryout.


Who will I know which team I'm on?

Once the draft is over, you will be called by your manager.

When will you pick teams?

Teams will be chosen in the last part of February or early March.

Can I pick which team I want to be on?

Little League has requested that FVLL conduct a fair draft. In order to do this all players 8 or older must try-out. Managers will choose their teams based on their own requirements. You can request a specific coach or team but FVLL cannot guarantee placement.

Can brothers be on the same team?

In short. Yes. There is such a request called "Brother's option". Please ask the Player's Agent about it when you sign up.

Who will be my coach?

For players age 9 or older that will be determined after the draft which happens in the last part of February. For players younger than age 9, teams will be determined by the Player Agent and FVLL President. Once teams are determined, coaches will begin calling players in the first part of March.

When are the practices?

Coaches and managers will call you to discuss practices after teams are determined.

When do practices start?

Practices will begin in the first part of March.

When are the games?

FVLL games start the first week after Vancouver School District's Spring Break. Evening games usually begin at 5:30pm. Weekend games happen on Saturdays with different starting times depending on the game schedule. See your coach for a game schedule.

Where are the games?

Players play many of their games at the FVLL Ball fields. We do inter-league with other local little leagues and your child's team may have games scheduled at other ball fields in town. Your manager will provide you with a game schedule for details.

How many games will be played?

This is determined by the number of teams per league. Games start the first week after Spring Break and go through the second week in June.