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 To All Fort Vancouver Little League Families:

August 4, 2020

To All Fort Vancouver Little League Families:

We hope all is well with your Family. This letter is to inform you of the decision your Board has made concerning the rest of the 2020 season.

We are going thru a very difficult time and we all know that kids need to be active and have interaction with other kids. But what we are going thru now is something we have never been part of before. So Your Board strongly believes we cannot put our kids and parents in a position to become infected with the virus.

Therefore as a Board we have decided to cancel the rest of the year based on a number of things:

1. An indefinite pause is in effect about moving any counties up a phase (Clark County would have to be in Phase 3 and gatherings of 50 or less for us to consider playing). Looks like this may be into October before we know anything.

2. Parks and Rec is saying the same thing, probably not until October before our park would open for more than just families playing on them.

3. With the increase in cases across all ages there are becoming too many avenues for any of our families to get the virus.

4. We believe our League needs to be part of the solution (proper social gathering etc. this would be very difficult if not impossible to do this with two teams playing with parents and family in attendance) and not part of the problem for the rest of the year.

We know this decision may not be a popular one but we all must do everything we can to make sure we get this virus under control.

Our goal is to hope and pray we can have a normal 2021 season. We will keep you informed about 2021 as we get more information later this year. As of today we are very optimistic about playing a complete season in 2021. Please feel free to call me about any of this.

Fort Vancouver Little League Board of Directors

Dave Wallis, President